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About Whispering Oaks Lodge

Situated just a short distance outside of Lafayette in Youngsville, LA, Whispering Oaks Lodge offers a flexible and comprehensive rehabilitation experience for men and women who want to recover from addiction and substance use disorders. Our plan when we began mapping out the physical space and the inner workings of our programs was to bring forward a more relaxed environment that would foster our client’s desire to get better. Too often we have seen individuals that need and want help being boxed into rigid environments with stressful approaches to treatment that end up pushing them further away from overcoming their substance use disorder. Whispering Oaks Lodge provides an alternative approach that we believe will change lives for the better.

By design, Whispering Oaks Lodge is a destination for relaxation and wellness; a true southern oasis, spanning 18 acres, nestled among beautiful oak trees and a glistening, 3-acre fishing pond stocked with bass, bream, catfish, and white perch. From the porch swings to the stables, every detail breathes good ol’ southern hospitality. And of course, it wouldn’t be Louisiana without authentic Cajun cuisine.

The inpatient treatment program at Whispering Oaks Lodge is centered around a concept we call controlled freedom. This freedom makes it possible for individuals to actively engage in their day-to-day business activities and responsibilities in the outside world while learning how to implement healthy changes in their personal life.

We also have outpatient treatment at our Lafayette rehabilitation center.

We also are associated with a luxury rehab in Arkansas.

We invite you to explore this open invitation to Retreat, Restore and Renew.

Our team is available to you throughout the day and evening. Get questions answered, schedule a visit, or just speak with someone that may understand.(877) 419-3005

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