Many people who have addictions or have a loved one suffering from addiction know some basic facts about this disorder. However, there are many things about addiction that people simply do not understand until they enter into a rehabilitation center program.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very complex issue and understanding how it works, why it happened, and what to expect when you enter into recovery is essential for successful rehabilitation.

7 Important Facts About Addiction and Recovery

  1. Addiction physically changes your brain and the chemicals in your body.

    It is very important to understand that addiction to any type of drug or alcohol has a real physical aspect. Your brain changes the way it interacts with different chemicals in your body and becomes a machine programmed only to seek out the hormones associated with pleasure.

    Part of drug rehab is detoxing your body from the chemicals being used so that your brain can make a physical recovery and begin to process hormones and other body chemicals like it should again.

    Compassion between patient and peer

  2. Compassion is necessary for a successful recovery

    When you enter into a drug treatment center, it is important that the facility employs compassionate people that are there to provide guidance, care, and support during your transformation from addiction into recovery.

    Our facility employs compassionate and caring substance abuse counselors that are there not to judge our clients, but to provide them with the mental and emotional support they need. Compassion always.

  3. Recovery comes in several stages

    When you enter an addiction recovery center, there is not a set time frame for when you will be substance-free. Every person must go through the detox and recovery program based on their own needs.

    There are several stages to recovery. Physical detox, mental and emotional detox, changing your outlook on your personal life, and wanting to be physically and emotionally free of these substances are all levels that must be achieved in recovery.

  4. Yes, addressing other health issues is necessary

    One goal of our substance recovery center is to address any other underlying health issues that may have led to the addiction. Many people suffering from emotional issues find themselves “self-medicating” to ease the emotional and mental pain. By addressing issues such as anxiety and depression, we have a very successful recovery rate with our clients.

  5. It is okay to try and try again

    You can remember the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This is true in so many areas of life, especially drug rehab. Many people who have a relapse after leaving a substance recovery center think that they cannot break the habit and therefore, will not try rehab again.

    The truth is, every drug rehabilitation program is different, and each program will not work for every person. If you have tried one program and had a relapse, all that means is that you should try a different program approach. You can break the addiction, and you can enter into full recovery, you just have to try and try again.

    The wonderful news is that you are not alone. Most people will tell you that they have been into a rehab center more than once to overcome their addiction. It is okay. This does not mean you are a failure. In fact, just the opposite. Reentering a treatment facility shows that you are determined to succeed in breaking your addiction.

  6. Controlled freedom adds to the recovery success rate

    One of the parts of our recovery program is called “controlled freedom.” As a person enters into the advanced stages of their recovery, we believe that it is very important to reintroduce our clients into social situations so that they feel comfortable without their substance dependence.

    We provide field trips to restaurants and other local events to help our clients adjust to not ordering drinks or how they feel if someone around them does order alcohol. We let them experience being social without being high. We encourage them to experience these things in a controlled manner so that they can feel comfortable in these situations once they leave the program.

    Controlled freedom has been noted as one of the most important steps in our program. People learn self-worth when they are given these freedoms and prove to themselves that they can manage in social situations without being under the influence.

  7. Recovery is a long term project

    When you walk out of a drug rehabilitation center, you must still work at staying in recovery. At first, it may be difficult, and you may even slip up, but that is okay. Over time it will become much easier to stay sober, and you will find that your family and friends will respect your efforts.

    Our rehabilitation program has many resources in place to help our clients continue to live in recovery once they have finished our program.

No matter what the addiction is, the important thing is taking that first step towards recovery. Every individual responds top treatment differently and thus treatment should be on an individual basis. However, the facts outlined here are applicable in just about all cases. Having patients and a vast understanding of the techniques used in addiction recovery are what makes Whispering Oaks Lodge the ideal facility for you or your loved ones journey to recovery.

If you believe that you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, the time to act is now. Every day that you do not address the addiction can put you or your loved one’s life at risk. There are local drug rehabs that can help. We encourage you to see what our amazing facility can offer so that you can begin your journey to recovery.

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