Addiction and Depression – The Vicious Cycle

Addiction and Depression

There are many reasons that addictions start. Discovering those reasons so that you can fix the problem is part of every drug rehabilitation program. One of the most difficult issues to address, yet one of the easiest issues to resolve, is when addiction is connected to depression. Often, addiction and depression go hand in hand.

Depression is often a catch-22 when it comes to addiction. It is often a cause of and a result of addiction at the same time. Many people are therefore diagnosed with a dual condition of depression and addiction.

Which Came First?addiction or depression

So which came first the addiction or the depression? This is something that you will work on with your substance abuse counselor. If you were suffering from depression before your addiction started, the addiction may be a result of self-medicating to address the addiction.

However, when you have an addiction, depression is almost always one of the symptoms of addiction. Life choices and other issues surrounding the addiction can make you feel ashamed and depressed. Then, because you feel so bad about the addiction you self-medicate again to hide the feelings – the vicious circle.

Stopping the Cycle

When you enter into an addiction recovery center you will be evaluated for any other medical conditions that you may be suffering from in addition to your addiction. This includes physical as well as mental or emotional conditions.

The point of recovery is about more than just helping you overcome the addiction. It’s also about eliminating the problems that caused the addiction or may lead to a relapse in the future.

Some are Unaware

Many people who enter into drug rehab had not even realized that they were dealing with depression. They just felt lost, or upset, or unsure of their lives and they turned to their chosen substance to make themselves feel better.

What a relief it is to discover they were dealing with a medical condition. They were dealing with depression. And for that, there is a treatment to help.

As you go through the addiction recovery process you will learn about depression, its causes, effects, and how to manage the condition. All of this will help you to successfully enter into recovery.

recovery is worth the effort

Recovery Is Worth The Efforts

Depression is a medical condition that is as powerful as an addiction when it comes to taking over your life. Left untreated, depression can change how you think, how you feel, and even how you look, just like an addiction. When you combine both of these conditions together, it does not seem like a person can win the battle.

Thankfully, you can win the battle against depression and addiction. You can overcome both of these conditions through medical care and rehabilitation, and you can get your life back.

Time and Patience

Going through drug rehabilitation takes time, a lot of effort, and patience. Each step can be challenging. Some people may even think that they cannot get through the process because they have to answer difficult questions about their lives and make decisions to change their future. But the challenges are worth the results.

For every ounce of effort you put into a drug rehabilitation program, you get back a hundred pounds of benefits. Every personal question you answer honestly, you will be rewarded with a new perspective on your life. For every good choice you make, you will be rewarded with a chance to start fresh.

And that is what recovery is all about. It’s about addressing the issues of the past and putting them behind you. It is about overcoming addiction and depression and taking control of your life. It’s being able to wake up each morning and knowing that there is a great day ahead of you because you have made the choices to make it that way.

A Vicious Cyclethe cycle of addiction and depression

Addiction and depression can be a vicious circle. But the wonderful news is that this circle can be broken. By entering into a quality drug rehab program that addresses dual conditions like addiction and depression, you can find the causes of these problems and overcome their hold on your life. You can break the cycle and move forward to a better tomorrow.

Entering into recovery is worth all of the efforts that you make. You can start a new life and build a better future that is drug and depression-free.

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