Addictions Toll On Your Health

Everyone knows that there are health risks associated with addiction. It is understood that there are risks for your heart, lungs, liver, and even your brain. However, many people do not realize that having an addiction can also cause severe damage to your skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

How Addiction Impacts Your Skin, Hair, Nails, and Teeth

It does not matter what type of addiction you have. When you are focused on feeding your addiction, you are not concentrated on taking care of yourself. The first noticeable sign of addiction is a change in your appearance. This is one way that loved ones can take notice that you may be struggling with an addiction problem.

Your teeth will suffer a lot of damage. Many people with addiction simply forget to care for their teeth as they should, leading to decay and diseases. However, the use of certain drugs can also cause damage to your teeth by the way the drug or alcohol is consumed. Vomiting, which is also common with addiction, can also cause damage to your teeth and gums because of the high acid content contained in the bile.

Your skin will suffer the most. It will become dry and tear and bruise easily. You will notice that your skin has become wrinkled. A majority of the skin problems associated with addiction come from the fact that the person with the addiction is dehydrated and malnourished.

Much like the skin, your hair and nails will also be impacted by malnutrition and dehydration. Your hair and nails can become very brittle, break easily, and your hair can even begin to fall out because your body is not in good health,

All of these conditions are usually the first of the health problems to occur. The longer the addiction lasts, the more damage occurs to your body.

There Is Great News About Health Conditions Related To Addiction

When you have made a decision to overcome your addiction and enter into recovery, you will also relearn how to care for yourself physically. Addiction has a way of making people forget to care for themselves because they are always too busy caring for the addiction.

In a quality addiction recovery center, one of the things that you will address is your personal health. As you learn how to live in recovery, you will learn all about recovering your personal health as well.

Taking control of your health is a large part of drug rehab. There is something very positive about regaining control of your health and taking the necessary steps to be healthy. It is empowering, and all drug rehabilitation centers address this part of recovery as soon as possible in the rehabilitation program.

Counselors at rehabilitation centers understand the importance of personal health as part of the recovery process. It is much easier to “stay on track” with your recovery when you physically feel good. It is much easier to address the mental and emotional parts of recovery when you feel better physically.

Young woman refuses alcoholic drink knowing it will lead her into old habits she is trying to change.

Recovery is multi-faceted. It is much more than just detoxifying your body from the substance that was your addiction. Recovery is about relearning how to live without that substance. It is about looking at the physical, emotional, and mental harm that the addiction has caused and how to overcome these issues.

One Final Reason To Improve Your Physical Health During Recovery

There is one additional reason that addressing your health issues during recovery is so important. As you will learn at the rehabilitation center, there are many physical reasons that addiction can start. It is not uncommon for someone who feels insecure about their health, is suffering from pain, or has other medical conditions turn to self-medicating to overcome the issue.

Addressing physical health issues and learning how to treat and manage them, helps ensure an easier road to recovery. Of course, you must address other areas as well, but feeling healthy is something that everyone can appreciate, especially after feeling so poorly while under the control of the addiction.

If you are ready to face your addiction and discover the many benefits of feeling healthy again, you are encouraged to speak with a drug rehab center that is qualified to treat your type of addiction. Take the chance on feeling and looking better again. It will make your recovery so much more fulfilling.

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