Pandemic Responsible for Increased Drug and Alcohol Use

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed everything about the way we live, the way we work, and the way we interact with each other. It has changed how we shop for food and what is available at the grocery stores. It has also altered financial security for many people as they are forced to stay home.

Increased Stress

All of these factors have led to a significant increase in depression and stress and how people are coping with those emotions. There has been a surge of people turning to alcohol and drugs to ease their fears during the pandemic. For those who have been in recovery, the lapse into substance abuse is even harder emotionally because many were doing so great before the pandemic. For those struggling with addiction, the pandemic has caused many people, especially those with a dual diagnosis, to use more or harder substances to help them get through this tough time.

Now, more than ever, the need for good rehabs in Louisiana  are necessary. Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse during the pandemic will benefit from an addiction recovery program. Even if it is just to help you deal with your fears over COVID 19, a substance abuse counselor can help.

How Can I Enter Rehab If There Are Social Distancing Orders In Effect?

Whispering Oaks Lodge understands your concern about entering into a drug rehabilitation program in the middle of a pandemic. This can be very frightening to be away from your home when all you hear on the news is to stay home and away from others. We can reassure you, however, that all precautions are in place to protect you while you are receiving care at our facility.

The staff at Whispering Oaks has taken great care to sanitize the facility and to implement social distancing among staff and guests. We have stopped some of our social programs until such a time when it is safe to leave the facility or gather in groups of more than ten people. We have taken every precaution to keep you safe while you are here.

Seeking help for addiction during this crisis will not only help you overcome your substance abuse, but it will also give you a place to feel safe and to deal with the emotional strain of the pandemic. Feeling safe and secure will allow you to better overcome your addiction.

If you have relapsed during this trying time, do not panic. Relapses happen. This is why our addiction recovery center has programs in place that will help you get back on track.  Whether you are looking for outpatient rehab in Lafayette or our inpatient addiction treatment center in Louisiana , we are doing everything possible to insure a safe environment for your recovery.  We have a program in place that allows you to stay at your own home while still receiving treatment if it is a better option for your recovery.

Things Will Be Different For While

the history of the opioid epidemic

Understand the history of the opioid epidemic and how pharmaceutical companies played a role.

It is very important to understand that the way we live our lives will be different for a while. No one has truly experienced a pandemic before now, and nobody is quite sure how things will be for the next several months or a year. The only thing that anyone can do is take a deep breath and face each new day.

The pandemic, however, should not prevent you from seeking help. In fact, now more than ever, you may need help with your addiction. You cannot allow the fear of the pandemic to justify substance abuse, even if you believe the abuse is only temporary. During the pandemic is when you need to feel your best, make the best choices, and protect your mental health for holistic recovery. Everyone is feeling the fatigue from COVID 19. You are not alone.

All of the public service announcements have continually stated that those who are at higher risk for COVID 19 should take extra care. This is the absolute truth. However, these who are at extra risk of substance abuse due to the strains of COVID 19 should take extra care as well. Take the necessary steps of seeking out drug rehab if necessary or an outpatient program if it will help you get through this tough time without resorting to substance abuse.

Whispering Oaks is Here and Ready to Help

We understand the chaos that COVID 19 has created in your life. Each person here understands your frustrations, your fears, and your concerns. You have the support you need in a safe environment.

We want to stress the following to you since it has never been more important. Although everyone is encouraged to social distance and remain in your home, we are here for you. You do not have to face the pandemic alone.

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