Factors That Contribute To Addiction

Addiction is not a simple disorder. There is not a single cause for addiction. In the past, it was believed that people who became addicted to a substance only did so because they showed no self-control. Some people even believed that addiction was a morality problem. Thankfully, people and science have advanced past this type of thinking.

There are many different reasons that addiction can start. Addiction is a very personal issue. Each person becomes addicted to a substance of their own choice for their own reasons. During drug rehab, our substance abuse counselors work with our clients to discover what they are so that the issue or problem can be addressed.

By addressing the causes of the addiction, our patients have a higher success rate of staying sober once they have completed drug rehabilitation.

Common Reasons That Addiction Occurs

  • Underlying Mental Health Issue: Anxiety, depression, and similar conditions can lead to drug abuse. Using drugs or alcohol may make you feel calm, safe, or even happy temporarily. However, as soon as the high is gone, the initial feelings return. This is considered a dual- diagnosis when you enter into rehabilitation. At our facility, we will treat our clients for both the addiction and any underlying health issues so that they can successfully enter into recovery.
  • Substance Abuse Starts As A Social Connection: Many people become addicted to a substance over time from casual use in social situations. People may find that their friends or associates are using drugs or alcohol during socialization, and to fit in, they begin to use the substances as well. To continue to fit in or get into additional social situations, the person uses these substances more and more. This is very similar to peer pressure. However, instead of people pressuring you to consume these substances, you do so willingly to fit in.
  • Slow Rolling Addiction: You may have found that you are drinking or using drugs once in a while to calm down, relax, or relieve tension or pain. Then you slowly begin to build a tolerance to these substances in your system. Next thing you know, you are doing this more and more until it is an everyday habit. Slow rolling addiction allows the person to function normally for an extended period of time due to the gradual increase in substance use. However, this type of addiction will reach a point where the addiction overtakes normal functioning.

Other Reasons

There are countless reasons how or why addiction can start. The important thing to understand is that regardless of why addiction started or how long the addiction has been going on, you can break the cycle and enter into recovery.

Rehabilitation Centers Are Different

Rehabilitation Centers Are As Different As The Causes For Addiction

  • Our program is designed to be different than many other substance abuse programs. We have substance abuse counselors that work with each client to help them address the problems that led to their addiction and rediscover who they are without a substance addiction.
  • Our location is serene and gives our clients a sense of tranquility. After they have been in treatment for a while, our clients will experience controlled freedom while on our property. They can explore the property, interact with the horses and other clients, and learn how to function again without the substance they were abusing.
  • Over time we even take field trips so that our clients can learn how to interact socially in different settings without having to revert to drinking or using drugs in social situations. Our clients have stated that these trips are so helpful because it is “real-world experience” in being sober.
  • Once our clients leave the program, we have many support systems to help them remain in recovery. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of these support systems to make their lives easier.

If you have been struggling with an addiction, the great news is that there is help. You can overcome this problem and move on to a more positive future.

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