Common Changes That Occur Through Recovery

When you enter into a drug rehabilitation program, you are making the conscious decision to make changes in your life. You understand that you will face many challenges as you change from a life of addiction to one in recovery.

In addition to detoxing your body from the addictive substance, you will also change many things in your life so you can move into recovery. The five main things you will learn in drug rehab will help you stay substance-free after you leave the program.

  1. How You Feel About Yourself
  2. Who You Allow To Be In Your Life
  3. What You Do In Your Free Time
  4. How You Deal With Stress
  5. What Medications You Will And Will Not Use

How You Feel About Yourself

One of the effects of substance abuse is having a very poor self-image. The addiction can cause self-loathing, or you may have been struggling with self-image prior to your addiction, which contributed to the problem.

When you enter into recovery, you will begin to feel so much better about yourself. You will feel in control of your life again. You will feel positive about the future. You will have addressed many of the issues that caused the self-loathing when you worked with your substance abuse counselor and moved past the bad feelings into something more positive.

Going through drug rehabilitation is empowering. It is a way of taking control of a bad situation and coming out strong.

Who You Allow To Be In Your Life

When you are struggling with addiction, it is hard to make good decisions about who you allow in your life. Once you are sober, you have the choice to keep only positive people in your life. You can shed the toxic relationships and negative people and surround yourself only with people that share your positive goals.

Learning how to deal with free time in recovery is as hard as recovery.

What You Do In Your Free Time

Many people that enter into recovery are amazed at how much free time they have now that they are sober. In the past, their addiction took over all of their spare time, if not more. Now, being sober means finding things to fill your time so that you do not resort to substance abuse again.

During rehabilitation, you will discover many things that interest you and that you can pursue in your newly found free time. Rehab is much more than just detox; it is about discovering your likes and interests now that you are in a place where you can enjoy these things in your life.

How You Deal With Stress

How you deal with stress is a very important part of staying in recovery. When things get stressful, it can be tempting to look for “comfort” in an old habit. Our rehabilitation program works with each person to help teach them stress management skills.

We address issues that may trigger stress and how to manage the stress when it occurs. We also have support systems in place for after you leave rehab so that you know exactly how to get help when you are stressed out so that you don’t have to return to substance abuse as a way to cope with problems.

Medications You Will And Will Not Use

There are some medications both over the counter and prescription drugs that have very similar effects on the body as many other drugs and alcohol. We teach our clients which types of medications to avoid so that they do not trigger cravings or cause a relapse in their recovery.

Our Addiction Recovery Center Can Help You Take Control

It is our belief that helping someone recover from a substance abuse issue is more than just detoxing the body from physical addiction. We believe that you must address many issues that can help the person take control of their lives and enter into recovery.

We work with each client and address underlying medical conditions, both physical and mental, that may be a factor in their addiction. As recovery progresses, we work with our clients to help them adjust to life in sobriety. We even go on field trips so that they can experience dining out or going to events and remaining sober.

Sobriety is a choice. When you decide that you are no longer satisfied with living with an addiction, you can make a choice to relearn how to enjoy life in sobriety. We are here to help.

If you believe that you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, the time to act is now. Every day that you do not address the addiction can put you or your loved one’s life at risk. There are local drug rehabs that can help. We encourage you to see what our amazing facility can offer so that you can begin your journey to recovery.

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