What are the Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction Symptoms

With so many states making laws that allow recreational marijuana use, and even a few allowing hallucinogenic use, many people with an addiction have now convinced themselves that they are “recreational users” and do not have a problem. So it’s important to know what the symptoms of addiction are.

While the line between recreational use and addiction is very thin, the minute you have to convince yourself that you are a recreational user is often the time you cross the line from occasional use to addiction.

States may have decriminalized the use of marijuana, but this does not mean that addiction is not happening. In fact, more people are becoming addicted to this drug because they no longer worry about the stigma of using an illegal product. To make things worse, they are ignoring the symptoms of addiction.

How do I Know if I am Becoming Addicted

If you are concerned that your recreational use has become an addiction, ask yourself the following questions:addiction symptoms

  1. Do you think about using marijuana or other drugs all the time?
  2. Are you counting down the minutes until you can use the substance again?
  3. Are your financial obligations falling behind because you are spending your money on purchasing these substances?
  4. Have your friends and family started making comments about your use?
  5. Are your friendships and family connections being impacted by substance use?
  6. Do you use this substance as a way to gain personal power, such as feeling better, stronger, or happier?
  7. Do you use the substance to dull emotions or physical pain?
  8. have you found yourself in situations you would not otherwise have been in if the substance was not involved?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may not be a recreational user. Addiction likes to hide in words like “recreational user” or “medicinal purposes.” However, whatever you want to call it, an addiction still needs to be addressed and treated.

Entering an Addiction Recovery Center

When you admit that an addiction is present, it is time to seek help. The best source for help is entering drug rehab or an addiction recovery center. These rehabilitation centers will help you address the physical and emotional issues that have led to the addiction and help you overcome these problems.

When you are in rehab, you will work closely with a substance abuse counselor. The program will start with a physical detox from the substance followed by counseling and other medical care to address the addiction. You will discover what led to the addiction and what you can do to stop the process.

Once you have entered into recovery, you will learn how to leave rehab and reenter society without using that substance. Through the help of counseling and support groups, after you leave, you can enter and stay in recovery.

Staying Sober In A Recreational Use State

It can be a challenge to stay sober in a state where recreational use of some drugs is legal. It is hard to stay away from legal establishments to purchase these substances. But it is not impossible.

Even if you are traveling while in recovery to a recreational use state, you can still resist the urge to “fit in.”

Everything you learn in rehab will prepare you for dealing with these temptations when you are in recovery and what you will need to do to avoid a relapse.

the symptoms of addiction

Stay Away from Temptation

It can be harder to stay in recovery when many other people use these substances legally. It will be your choice as a person in recovery to stay away from these situations. Thankfully, with the help of your support circles, you will be able to overcome these temptations and stay sober.

It is very important to remember that just because a substance has been made legal does not mean that it is not dangerous or addictive. If you want to remain sober after you leave drug rehab, you will have to ignore the “recreational use” dispensaries and stay substance-free.

Make the Right Decision

If you are occasionally using marijuana or other substances, the risks of becoming addicted are high. Regardless of what many people say, these substances still provide a risk of addiction, even if they are now considered legal.

Make the right decision for yourself. If you feel that your recreational use has escalated and is now taking over all parts of your life, it may be time to seek help from a substance abuse recovery center. You can break free from addiction; it just takes the first step.

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