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Symptoms and Behaviors of Denial in Addiction

Addiction is often characterized by denial. This is when people tend to minimize or deny the severity of their addiction, even when confronted with hard evidence to the contrary. Individuals can be unable to accept help, which can greatly hinder their recovery. For those struggling with addiction, SMART Recovery offers strategies and tools to [...]

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A History of Valium and its Abuse

Since its release, Valium has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions. Once seen as a medical miracle, it was widely prescribed and could be found in many medicine cabinets throughout the United States. However, its potential for addiction and misuse became apparent and has led to restrictions on its prescribing practices in [...]

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A History of Opioid Addiction

Opium to Oxycontin: A History of Opioid Addiction For at least the last 7,000 years of human history, opioids have been used as a treatment for pain and other ailments. And for equally as long, they have been misused and abused. Highly addictive and relatively easily attainable, opioids and their abuse continue to be [...]

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The History of Amphetamines

The History of Amphetamines The word “amphetamines” might bring to mind images of drug abuse and addiction. But this family of drugs was not always seen as a scourge of society. In fact, amphetamines have been around since the late 1800s and have had a variety of uses over the years.  Initially seen as [...]

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OCD and Addiction

When a person enters an addiction recovery center, it is not unusual for them to receive a dual diagnosis of addiction and another disorder. Many mental health issues can lead to addiction or are a result of an addiction. Thankfully, when you enter into a good rehabilitation program, you can receive help for both [...]

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A Look At At The Prescription Drug Lyrica

Lyrica, made by Pfizer, was a drug that was first introduced to treat epilepsy. This strong prescription medication had serious side effects, although it was seen as helpful for those suffering long-term seizures. Soon after its release, Lyrica was being promoted for "off label" uses for depression and anxiety and as a treatment for [...]

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What Is Cross-Addiction?

Cross addiction is the term used to describe when a person substitutes one addiction for another. This most often occurs when a person tries to stop using a substance on their own or finds recovery difficult when they first leave rehab. Cross addiction is just as serious as the original addiction. Common Forms Of [...]

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Addiction and Work Injuries

When a person enters drug rehab, one of the goals of the program is to get to the root of the addiction. Overcoming addiction mentally and emotionally requires that you find the cause of the addiction. That's the only way these problems can be addressed. There are many reasons that addiction can occur. Some [...]

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The Connection Between Addiction and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are often overlooked when it comes to mental health issues. These disorders are easy to conceal. Many people don't discover their loved one has this condition until there's been a significant change in their health. It is not uncommon to be diagnosed with a dual condition of having an eating disorder and [...]

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Addiction

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a serious mental health condition that was once thought rare. It has only been in recent years that doctors have acknowledged that this is a serious condition that occurs more often than anorexia and schizophrenia cases combined. What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Body Dysmorphic Disorder is also known as body [...]

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