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Canine Assisted Therapy With The WildCat Foundation

The WildCat Foundation, Inc. has partnered with Whispering Oaks Lodge to bring forward the Heeling Partners Program. This seasonal program is the first of its kind in the area, and was created to facilitate the rehabilitation of substance abuse patients through the fostering and training of ‘at-risk’ shelter dogs. Clients who qualify will be provided a new avenue toward recovery by training and socializing abused, neglected or unwanted dogs in the hopes of finding them a forever home.

The Wildcat Foundation, Inc. is always seeking the support of the community to help fund this unique endeavor. All donations go directly toward housing, feeding, training, and providing medical care for the shelter dogs chosen for this program. It is our hope that individuals will leave the Heeling Partners Program with another set of skills required for success in sobriety while also hoping for happy endings for the dogs that will be in their care.

To learn more about the Heeling Partners Program or for information on the WildCat Foundation, please contact Dwayne Abshire at: (877) 419-3005 x102

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