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Come. See What We Do.

Unlike the traditional “evaluation” available at many treatment centers where the treatment center staff is evaluating the client, the Respite Program at Whispering Oaks Lodge allows a prospective client or family member to evaluate us. We are incredibly proud of the programs and environment that we have developed here at our facility in Youngsville, La. From our expert treatment team comprised of doctors, nurses and counselors through to our holistic therapists and administrative staff, we are excited at the opportunity to welcome you to Whispering Oaks Lodge.

The Respite Program is a 10-hour stay where the participant is able to interact with parts of the Whispering Oaks Residential Inpatient treatment program, meet the staff and explore the campus. All meals at Whispering Oaks are beautifully catered so be sure to bring your appetite!

For more information on the Respite Program or to schedule your 10-hour retreat, call (877) 419-3005 or fill out the short form below.

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