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Specializing in Alcohol Recovery

The team at Whispering Oaks Lodge specializes in the treatment of alcohol addiction and dependence. Our focus as a rehabilitation and treatment center for alcohol addiction is treating each client as an individual. In order for recovery to be possible – whether it is from alcohol or drugs – we must identify any underlying causes of the addiction. We believe the foundation to an effective treatment experience is helping clients and their families identify traumatic issues that have never been fully addressed. As we learn more about the individual we are able to develop a plan to minimize the recurrence of addiction triggers and present a toolkit of knowledge and strategy to cope with triggers as they present themselves.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism

There are many signs that an individual is struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism. In order to support an individual’s recovery, it is important that we are able to identify and understand these signs.

Signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Using alcohol to cope with emotions: When alcohol is used to “relax” and relieve stress.
  • Alcohol is leading to life consequences – legal or otherwise: When alcohol abuse is present, legal consequences come in a matter of time.
  • Alcohol begins to take over daily responsibilities: When workdays or set appointment times begin to be missed alcohol is probably the factor.
  • Relationship problems begin to arise: Someone that is drinking excessively will develop issues with family members, spouses, and friends that most often get worse before they get better.

Signs of alcoholism include:

  • Building up a tolerance: In order to feel the effect, more drinks and/or a certain type of drink are required. As this tolerance builds, individuals continue to require a higher volume of alcohol in order to obtain the same feeling.
  • Loss of drinking control: The individual no longer has control over their drinking habits, drinking more and more and not necessarily wanting to, but needing to.
  • Experience withdrawal when not using alcohol: When someone drinks consistent, large amounts of alcohol and then stops suddenly, their body can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. This can become frightening quickly.
  • Want to stop drinking, but can’t: The drinking has become such a habit and the body needs it, has become so tolerant of it, that quitting feels impossible.

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

There are many different symptoms that may occur when an individual is dependent or addicted to alcohol. Some of these can be life threatening so it’s important to seek medical support during detoxification from alcohol.

Some symptoms may include: Shaking, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Loss of appetite, Sweating, and Fatigue.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Alcohol treatment that is specifically designed for the individual has been proven effective. Once a client is admitted into treatment, we begin with an evaluation to help determine what will make recovery possible for them. When struggling with alcoholism, residential treatment is a great option because it provides essential 24/7 supervision by medical staff during withdrawal. If residential treatment is not an option, we also offer an intensive outpatient treatment program. All treatment programs provide the client with complete privacy in a comfortable environment that has been created for their recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with Alcohol Addiction, speak with someone today and learn about your options. (877) 419-3005

Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Dependency

For those that are unable to take the time away for our 45-day residential treatment program and require a more flexible first step to recovery, Whispering Oaks Lodge also offers an intensive outpatient program in Lafayette and Shreveport, Louisiana. This program is available to anyone who lives in those areas or is staying near those locations for an extended period of time and needs help with their alcohol addiction.

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