Drug Abuse Treatment

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Drug Addiction Treatment

We want each client to know that no matter what drug addiction they are struggling with, Whispering Oaks can help. With individualized drug treatment programs, we will tailor treatment to the appropriate addiction type (‘Drug of Choice’) including:

Our drug addiction rehab experts are also trained to detox numerous drug addictions. Private rooms are available to clients for residential inpatient treatment at Whispering Oaks Lodge upon completion of detox.

Our Drug Treatment Approach

Drug addiction is often caused by traumatic issues or life events that have never been fully addressed from an emotional perspective. Our job is to review the life history of the client with a focus on those events that may have played a role in the development of the habit of drug abuse. Here are some ways our team chooses the right drug treatment program:

Drug Treatment

Once the causes of a drug addiction are determined, we provide treatment options based on those causes and the client’s current symptoms. As well as our treatment therapies, we offer holistic treatment options that can be chosen in conjunction with everyday therapies.

Relaxing Private Surroundings

Each client is welcomed at Whispering Oaks Lodge by an atmosphere that has been developed to provide a peaceful time away in a private and relaxing environment. During their stay, a client can expect to have access to the comforts of modern amenities while also remaining connected to the outside world.

Catered Nutrition

During drug addiction treatment, we have found that a well-balanced diet is an essential element in supporting positive mood and relaxation. Drug abuse leads to unhealthy choices and part of treatment is recognizing those unhealthy choices and focusing on renewing the body with healthy nutrition. This will also accelerate the recovery process.

Retreat. Restore. Renew.

Whether you or a loved one is battling illegal drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, or multiple drug addictions, Whispering Oaks Lodge will develop a treatment program that is tailored to the client and that takes into account the individual history and unique underlying issues that play a role in the addiction.

If you or a loved one are struggling with Drug Addiction, speak with someone today and learn about your options. (877) 419-3005

Outpatient Drug Addiction Support

For those that are unable to take the time away for our 45-day residential treatment program and require a more flexible first step to recovery, Whispering Oaks Lodge also offers an intensive outpatient program in Lafayette and Shreveport, Louisiana. This program is available to anyone who lives in those areas or is staying near those locations for an extended period of time and needs help with their drug addiction.

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