Bipolar Disorder and Addiction – a Dual Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with two different disorders at the same time is not uncommon. This is especially true when one of those disorders is addiction. Addiction can often be (at least partially) a symptom or result of the other disorder present. The name for this is dual diagnosis. One unique type of dual diagnosis is being diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and addiction.

What is bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder was formerly known as manic depression. This disorder can cause a person to move from one end of the emotional spectrum to the polar opposite. A person can be almost manic with joy for a few days and then find themselves deep in a depressive state.

Many people with bipolar disorder can stay in the middle of their emotions for long periods of time, acting as if there is nothing wrong. Then something will tip the scales, and they will either become manic or depressed. It is a situation that they cannot easily control without therapy and often medications.

Sadly, many people with bipolar disorder will use alcohol or drugs to try to manage their symptoms. Intoxication, however, generally increases mania or depression, and the entire situation can become much worse.

Bipolar disorder and addiction

When some people enter a substance recovery center, they are shocked to discover that they actually have a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction. For many of these people, however, this diagnosis is a real relief.

Understanding that there is a mental disorder connected to the addiction answers many questions. It can help some people understand why they felt certain ways, why they acted in certain ways, and why they turned to drugs or alcohol to help mask this pain.

The help of a counselor

Working with their substance abuse counselor, they can go through discovering the causes of their addiction and learning how to manage these issues in the future without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Knowing that treatment is available for the bipolar condition is such a relief that the addiction becomes much easier to handle. This is one of the best feelings that you can have when you are in drug rehab.

Drug Rehab Is So Much More Than Detox

In the past, when a person entered a drug rehabilitation center, they were there to physically detox from the addictive substance. While some counseling may have been provided, most of the focus was breaking the physical addiction and then guiding the patient into a support group for when they leave the center.

Rehab facilities today

Today, addiction recovery centers offer so much more. Physical detox is part of the program, but it is no longer the main focus. The main focus is finding the cause of the addiction and addressing those problems.

For some, there is a dual diagnosis, such as bipolar disorder and addiction, that has led to their addiction. For others, health conditions may have led to the problem. Some can have emotional issues that may be harming them and causing them to seek solace in alcohol or drugs,

Whatever the cause of the addiction, it will be addressed in drug rehab now. This is why there is such a higher success rate with these programs compared to those twenty years ago.

Knowledge Is Power

When you can discover the root factors of the addiction and know how to treat these issues, you can overcome your addiction. The even better news is that once you understand what has led to your addiction, you can be more successful in your recovery by avoiding these problems.

Going into drug rehab is all about becoming empowered. It is about learning who you are and what you want from life. Then you can learn what you can do to make those dreams happen.

Drug rehab is about discovering the issues that have held you back and led to addiction and finding a solution. It is about learning what to do in the future to keep yourself in recovery. It is all about empowering yourself for success.

drug rehab

Drug rehab

Entering into a drug rehabilitation program, is probably a place in life you never thought you would find yourself. Now that you have come and have learned about the causes of your addiction, you can get the help you need to live substance-free.

Drug rehab does not have to be an unpleasant experience. On the contrary, drug rehabilitation should be the first step in your new life. You can overcome your past problems, get the help you need to feel better, and learn the skills for a successful recovery all in one place.

Now you know how great a substance recovery center can make your life. The time to enter drug rehab and get the help you need is now.

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