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Aftercare Planning for Addiction Recovery

Recovery care must extend well beyond your initial stay at an addiction treatment center. When clients are admitted to Whispering Oaks, they begin their recovery journey – a journey that will include physical, emotional and spiritual healing in an environment that has been designed solely for that purpose. As clients graduate and venture outside of this bubble, the possibility of returning to old behaviors can quickly turn into reality without proper planning. Having a sound aftercare plan in place that has been developed specifically for the individual’s situation is a critical step in the recovery process.

Upon admission to Whispering Oaks Lodge, an aftercare plan will begin to be developed for the client. This plan may change over the course of treatment but the goal remains the same – establish an environment that will give the client the absolute best odds of nurturing and maintaining long-term sobriety. Whether the client is local to the Southeast Louisiana region or from across the country, the Whispering Oaks team will identify and support the implementation of healthy next steps for that client.

For people from the Southeast Louisiana area, Whispering Oaks Lodge is available as an extended care facility. Graduates are encouraged to stay connected and visit at anytime. We hold weekly aftercare meetings at our Youngsville, LA campus.

Whispering Oaks should be considered by both the client and the loved one’s of the client as a lifelong partner in the recovery journey. Our entire team will remain available to clients and their family for continued guidance and advice regardless of where their journey takes them.

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