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Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox

The detoxification services at Whispering Oaks Lodge are state of the art and provided in an environment that has been developed with the client’s comfort in mind. The latest medical, clinical and holistic programming is utilized as we work to improve our client’s overall well-being. Recover in peace and comfort with total privacy and discretion at Whispering Oaks Lodge, without the dangers of attempting to detox at home. Our detox program is run by an expert medical team and our staff is on call and available around the clock to guide each individual through the detoxification process. Private rooms are available.

Do you accept my insurance?We do believe that detox is only the first step in addiction recovery, whether you are seeking treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism. Our detox program prepares each individual for ongoing treatment – beyond detox. Our counselors will work to develop a highly customized treatment and care program that deals with specific issues and needs.

Often times there is more going on than just a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Some clients may have a mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression, that also can benefit from treatment. The personalized programs put together by our team address any mental health issues alongside drug and/or alcohol addiction.

When treatment begins at our facility a full medical and clinical evaluation is administered within the first 24 hours. During this evaluation, our team tries to better understand individual patient history, mental health status, as well as physical and dietary background. Medical detox is normally a 5-7 day period after the evaluation. Clients can then immediately begin their inpatient addiction treatment program at Whispering Oaks after completing detox.

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