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Expert Addiction Intervention Support for Families, Friends, and Employers

We know that the impact of addiction extends well beyond the addict. Families and friends who love and care about them feel the pain as well. Everyone maintains the hope the addict will finally “see the light” and come to their senses but more often than not the addict is trapped in denial and simply unwilling to accept the help that is offered. By taking this first step and being proactive you can help the loved one in your life who is struggling with addiction begin the recovery process.

Interventions can take many forms including confronting the addictive behavior, setting boundaries, or just getting together and talking over options. The purpose of an intervention is not to place blame or to air grievances but instead to show the addict how much people care about their well-being and to hopefully convince them that the best step forward is professional treatment.

Our preferred intervention partners bring a professional approach to this process that is intended to bridge the communication gap and improve the chance of getting the addict engaged in the recovery process. With the proper guidance, everyone has the ability to make decisions that result in a greatly improved quality of life. The goal of our intervention partners is to remove the family or employer from the crisis and guide the individual to the appropriate level of care.

If you need help staging an intervention for a Loved One or an Employee, please contact one of our partners for professional guidance:

Acadiana Intervention
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(337) 230-0318

Intervention Saves Lives
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(337) 257-7770

Chrysalis Interventions
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(225) 405-0797

Caring Interventions
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(800) 956-6212

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